Books by Paco Sevilla

Paco’s books on flamenco have been highly acclaimed by aficionados. Selling for $20-25 for many years, he is now offering them at reduced prices. Each book, sold singly, is priced at $10 (plus $3 for shipping), or all three books for $20 (plus $5 shipping).

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Paco De Lucia coverPaco de Lucía:
A New Tradition for the Flamenco Guitar

This is the dramatic story of Paco de Lucía, the controversial guitarist who sparked the evolution of flamenco from a closed, tradition-bound Andalusian folk art into a vibrant modern music that has been embraced and acclaimed around the world.
Paco’s biography would not be complete without including an account of his partner, the enigmatic Gypsy singer, Camarón de la Isla.

Paco de Lucía: A New Tradition for the Flamenco Guitar is the best book written to-date about Paco de Lucía and the evolution of modern flamenco. It was written for flamencos by a flamenco, for guitarists by a guitarist, and for all aficionados by the best English language writer on the subject”
-The Journal of Flamenco Artistry


Carmen Amaya book coverQueen of the Gypsies:
The Life and Legend of Carmen Amaya

The great Gypsy dancer Carmen Amaya has never been equaled in the fire and excitement of her dance, nor in the mystique that surrounded her life. She lived during a colorful period that spanned three eras, from the Golden Age of the café cantante, through the theatrical period of the ópera flamenca, and into the renaissance of flamenco purity in the 1950s. Here is the first in-depth account of her life to-date and the first detailed history of the important formative years of flamenco, from 1910-1960. Here, too are the untold stories of the many legendary and enigmatic personalities who influenced Carmen Amaya and molded her career.

The most incredible book, on more than just Carmen Amaya on everyone in flamenco. You’ll read dozens of pages about Carmen, then interjected will be biographical details of a singer, dancer or guitarist. Thee are so many anecdotes about everyone that I found it hard to set the book down. Paco Sevilla makes you feel like you are there at the death of Ramón Montoya, when the public lined up for blocks to view the body of the maestro of the flamenco guitar. Go with Carmen when she buys three fur coats or seven fur stoles at once. Hear about the toll on Sabicas, who says they toured 49 weeks a year for five years straight. The details are so numerous on not less than 115 icons of the Golden Age of Flamenco. In a world of five stars, this book deserves six stars. It will be a long time, if ever, before another book like this one comes along.”
-Randy Osborne: Fine Fretteed String Instruments


Seeking Silverio book coverSeeking Silverio:
The Birth of Flamenco

Perhaps Paco’s most important work, twenty years in the writing. Silverio Franconetti was one of the founding fathers of flamenco. His life has been largely a mystery, but now Paco Sevilla has, after years of research, provided a portrait of the man and his contributions.
This is a history of flamenco’s birth, made readable by putting into the form of a historical novel based upon the life of a young Antonio Chacón, Silverio’s disciple, a shoemaker’s son who sets out to be a flamenco singer. Along the way he meets many of the legendary singers, guitarists, and dancers who created what we today call flamenco.
Both scholars and casual aficionados alike will enjoy this carefully researched work, which includes an appendix that goes chapter by chapter to give sources and separate fact from fiction.