Dance Coaching

Flamenco Dance

Learn to dance flamenco like a professional. Raise your level of dance in as little as a single session. Shorten the time it takes to appear professional to weeks or months rather than the years it might take with dance classes alone.

A dance coach will:

Flamenco Dance Student
Professional appearance with a coaching student.
  • improve your style and make it look professional
  • teach you about the role of cante, guitar, and palmas in your dance
  • clean up and personalize your dance choreographies to enable you to dance with any singer or guitarist
  • help you with the emotional expression so essential to flamenco, teaching you little tricks if it doesn’t come naturally.

Student must have a dance space, even if it is just a small board in a living room or garage. You cannot progress if you don’t have a place to practice at home or access to a practice studio.