Singing Lessons

Classes in Flamenco Singing (Cante)

Have you wanted to learn to sing flamenco? Paco Sevilla has a structured, proven system for teaching flamenco cante. His students have gone on to have long distinguished careers as flamenco singers.

San Diego, California flamenco singing coach
Paco performing with a cante student
  • A structured progression from simpler songs such as sevillanas and fandangos to intermediate alegrías and tangos to the more complex bulerías, soleares, etc.
  • There is an advantage to having a guitarist teach you to sing: he can provide structure and accompaniment to guide you.
  • Spanish speaking recommended.

The great cantaor Manolo Leiva has said:

“In the beginning one sings what one knows, but doesn’t know what one is singing; there are those who sing what they know and those who know what they sing.”

Paco makes sure you know what you are singing.